I Can Be Your Perfect Disaster

this fucks me up
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Do u ever look at someone and you’re like how

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things to call your best friend:

  • asshole
  • looser
  • fucking nerd
  • piece of shit
  • fuckin egg
  • wife/waifu/husbando
  • mayonnaise egg
  • bitch salad
  • meme loving fuck

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Complexions Contemporary Ballet dancer Natalia Alonso in Dwight Rhoden’s Routines. Photo by JP Sevillano.
Natalia appeared the cover of the August 2008 edition of Dance Magazine, in which she explained her decision to transition to from Ballet Hispanico to Complexions. On what caught her eye about Complexions, Alonso said “I was attracted to the style of repertory and its fusion of ballet with other types of contemporary dance styles and themes.”
Anonymous: Frozen AU where Elsa is replaced with Frozone but absolutely nothing else is changed.


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